6 Ways to Bring Joy to Your Day

We can’t always control the wrongs that have been done to us or the hurtful words people say; we can’t always control the circumstances we’re in. BUT what we can control is our attitude in how we approach every day. I pray that, regardless of the trials you’re going through, or even if you’re content with your life, you will find joy in every day.

Eagerly Await for God to Rebuild

He reminds us through His Word that even when everything hits the fan and the circumstances aren’t changing, He is with us. He knows pain. He knows suffering. He knows heartache. His footprints might be unseen, but they are there. He reminds us to look for glimpses of redemption in each day as we long for the glorious day when all things will be redeemed.

Be Bold in Your Faith

I’ve come to realize that the more truthful and bold I become about my beliefs and values, the more respect I get for those beliefs. I’m learning to be bold in who I am without trying to convince people to believe what I believe.

Oh, to Dream Again

We welcome Sara from our Marketing Team as she shares a personal post about learning to dream again. Thank you Sara for your vulnerability and willingness to share what God is teaching you in the challenges that come with dreams. We are grateful for your heart [...]