When Grief is Good

In order to more fully value this life, and the lives of those around us, we need to be open to experiencing deep sadness. We need to walk through life with our arms outstretched and our doors open. We need to grieve when we lose someone. We need to sit with our feelings and learn from them.

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Learning to Finish a Season Well

I tend to keep my eyes ever fixed ahead. This tendency limits me from fully embracing and enjoying being right where I am. I wonder how many sweet moments I have missed because I was unable to look around me instead of ahead of me. As I am leaving one sweet season for the risky and unknown, I am trying my best to slow down, to savor, to commit, and to celebrate. It is these four things that I believe allow us to finish well so that we can begin strong.

Combatting Spiritual Complacency

Complacency is defined as the inability to have motivation and bring about a result of change. Spiritual complacency is when we find ourselves unable to grow or expand our walk with Jesus due to that lack of motivation. In my own life, I find when I’m at a place of complacency, my heart and attitude reflect that.

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For the Girl Trapped in the Comparison Game

It’s obvious the enemy loves to twist the way we see things, isn’t it? The truth in Romans 12:2 - the fact that I can actually renew my mind, and transform the way that I think through God’s truth - has been life-changing for me. Before working for Mercy, I never understood the power or even necessity of speaking scripture-based truth out loud over my life. It was exactly what I was missing in my journey towards freedom, and I’m so thankful for this life-changing tool. I’ve come to realize, more often than not, I don’t “feel” like doing it, but in those moments when I don’t feel like it - that’s when I need it the most.