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Katie | Mercy Multiplied
This week we’re thankful Mercy staff, Katie, is back to share with us on the importance of gratitude. With the holidays right around the corner what better time to be thankful than now?

I don’t know about you, but I can’t believe it’s already November! Time flies when you’re having fun, right? Okay, time flies regardless. For me personally, fall and winter are my absolute favorite seasons. Most people don’t question me when I say I love fall, but winter? “Really? It’s cold,” are words I often hear from anyone I tell this to. “Yes, winter. I happen to like the cold!” The weather isn’t the only thing I like about this time of year.

The leaves change in October and are a beautiful reminder of God’s perfect creation. November is a time to give thanks and rest in our gratitude. In December, we celebrate Jesus!

If you read my post a few weeks ago, I really laid out the importance of celebrating and asking God to mold our perspective like His. One thing I mentioned in that post is the power of giving thanks. The holidays are here, whether we’re ready or not. It’s that time of year where a lot of us are going to be gathering with family and friends to celebrate.

Maybe the holidays are hard for you. Maybe some of your sweetest memories are from this time of year. Regardless, we can all take a few moments each day to really appreciate what we have. And friends, get ready, because as you do this, your perspective is going to change.

I’ve found that even if it’s something as simple as someone telling me they liked my shoes, writing that compliment down makes me think more about it and appreciate the things that happen in my day. Sometimes it’s easy to get to the end of the day and think, “Well, the miracle I prayed for didn’t happen today, so this day wasn’t great.” This is when the enemy slides in and starts to fill your mind with lies. We must go from this way of thinking to, “Well, the miracle I prayed for didn’t happen today, but I was extremely proficient at work and my boss complimented me.”

You see, friends, there is always something to be thankful for. I’ve had some really big prayers answered this year, but I’m also praying for some other really big things to happen. What I’ve learned is that during this time where nothing seemingly major is happening, God is working, and God has already done amazing things. This is the time when I’m reminded of the good He has done, and I’m thankful for that.

Throughout this holiday season, I want to challenge you to be grateful. I’ve created a PDF of the image below that you can download and write on. Each day, write down things you’re praying for, but on the other side, write down things you’re grateful for. At the bottom, you can even write down specifically how God is answering your prayers. I challenge you to do this, and then see how God changes your perspective.


Friends, get ready. God is faithful to fulfill His promises and He promises us an abundant life. When we live a life grateful, even for the small things, our lives start to become full, just like God intended.